iTunes 7.3For everyone venturing out to get a nice new iPhone today one of the first things you’ll be needing to do is download the iTunes 7.3 which was just released. Once you get it installed you’ll actually be able to activate the iPhone so that you can start using it!

Of course iPhone goodness isn’t all that the new version of iTunes brings, it also adds wireless photo sharing capabilities to the Apple TV:

  • Activate your iPhone service
  • Sync iPhone with your music, movies, TV shows, and more
  • Wirelessly share digital photos from any computer in your home with Apple TV

Some commenters over at TUAW also say that this update fixes a problem on the MacBook where the acclaimed Cover Flow would be blurry. Another commenter also noticed that there is a help section for the iPhone that references an online manual, but it doesn’t seem to be available yet.

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is almost here, and I can’t wait to read the "real" reviews on it.

Download iTunes 7.3
Source: TUAW & Engadget