Learn Firefox

We have a big announcement that we would like to make today! CyberNet News is introducing Learn Firefox. It has joined our clan, and its goal is to teach you all about Firefox.

A big focus of CyberNet News has always been on the Firefox Web browser. While we cover a lot of different extensions or tweaks, we assume that our visitors know the basics of the browser, which isn’t always the case. Everybody has to start learning somewhere which is why the Learn Firefox site is now open for everyone to go and learn the basics. If you haven’t really taken the time to do it on your own, or you weren’t sure where to start, here’s your chance. There, you’ll find tutorials which focus on giving you a visual look at how to do a variety of different things from changing your homepage all the way to clearing your browsing history.

We would also like to welcome Chris Rossini to the CyberNet staff who will be writing all of the material for the Learn Firefox site. So far, he’s done a lot of work to get the site filled up with helfpul tutorials. Chris has been an active commenter on our blog and also in the forum, and his passion for software is something that really caught our attention. He is both a Linux and Windows user which really goes to show that he likes to put his hand in a little bit of everything.

The Learn Firefox site is still very young and will continue to grow as we do. Chris also plans on adding more applications to the “Learn” series, and we’ll keep you updated as new sites are made available. If you’ve got tips for Chris on something you would like to see, leave a comment below or send a message to him.

Learn Firefox Homepage