Windows Live Installer

It looks like Microsoft is pulling a Google and offering their most popular apps in a unified package. Well, it’s not exactly like the Google Pack because Microsoft is only including their own homegrown programs, whereas Google also includes some third-party software (such as Norton and Skype).

The site you’ll need to visit for the unified installer is It is currently available (for me at least) with several new releases of their applications, such as Live Messenger 8.5, Live Writer, and Live Photo Gallery. Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Windows Live Mail (email)
  • NEW Windows Live Photo Gallery (photo management) – This is similar to the built-in Vista Photo Gallery, but it has some new enhancements. The great thing is that it is available on versions of Windows prior to Vista as well.
  • NEW Windows Live Writer (desktop blog publisher) – I haven’t been able to tell much of what’s new in this release, but the build number is 12.0.1277.816 and it’s labeled as “Version 2008″ instead of “1.0”. The only thing I’ve seen new so far is a built-in “Insert Video” option and the ability to justify text. I’ll make a separate post regarding this app when I get more information on the changes. UPDATE: Here’s a list of what’s new
  • Windows Live OneCare Family Safety (parental controls)
  • NEW Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (instant messenger)
  • Windows Live Toolbar (for your browser)

And here’s a video of how the entire process works:

Source: Vista Blog