GooglenotebookAbout 1 year after Google Notebook went live, Google has taken it out of beta. And with that they’ve made some changes to the interface, and added several languages to it besides English.

While there weren’t too many changes to the interface, you’ll notice that it’s all polished up and looks cleaner. And because millions of people do not speak English, they added 17 other languages to choose from like German, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, etc.

The image below is a screenshot of what the new polished version looks like:


This in comparison to the old version (image from ZDnet):


A few things that might be nice to add in the future:

  • Offline syncing (seems to be the new convenient trend for online apps)
  • Tagging!

If they can take Google Notebook out of Beta, don’t you think it’s time they drop the Beta tag on Gmail? Sheesh!

Check it out: Google Notebook