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This morning I woke up and saw that we had received a tip from someone pointing to this article by the Inquirer. It caught my attention because it was talking about a new set of upgrades to Apple’s MacBook Pro line of computers. As the day went on we received a few more tips on this, and a few of them linked to some gadget websites who had also written about it. But when I went to visit some of the articles they pretty much disappeared into a black hole.

This was all pretty confusing to me, and maybe you’ll understand why after reading this snippet from the Inquirer:

Apple has quietly updated its Macbook Pro laptop range while no-one was looking. There wasn’t even a press release.

The new versions which come in five fruity flavours ranging from a 15 incher with a 2.4Ghz Intel dual core Penryn processor, up to a 17-incher with 2.6GHz under the bonnet.

All come with the usual Apple bells, whistles, software and gorgeousness, but the most interesting new addition comes in the form of Multitouch, previously only seen on the bank-balance-battering Macbook Air.

My initial instinct was to check the date on the article, but it was indeed written today. As you might recall this aforementioned MacBook Pro upgrade actually came back in February 2008… nearly 3-months ago. Hmmm, and they said that there was no press release? Guess they must have glanced over it. ;)

CrunchGear and Gizmodo wrote about the story, and instead of providing an update they both just yanked the articles all together possibly hoping that no one saw them. Although Gizmodo has managed to scrape together 12 Diggs thus far on their non-existent article. Neither of their articles linked to any source, but I think it’s safe to assume that it all of this came from the Inquirer’s write-up.

We’re all human and make mistakes, but I guess I’m just in awe that this news has slipped by so many gadget-loving geeks. I wasn’t originally going to cover this story, but I wanted to keep everyone informed in the event that you saw these articles in your feed reader. And since the gadget sites didn’t provide an update you might assume that these are the new models you’ve been waiting for.