New Non-Aero Windows Vista Theme A Disappointment

It looks like the people over at The Hive managed to scrounge up a screenshot of the new non-Aero Windows Vista Theme. When I had heard that Microsoft had been working on a new theme I was expecting to see more than just a color change. I thought that they would have made it look more like the Aero theme just without the glass effect to it. Well, apparently I was way off key.

I don’t think that this is the way Microsoft should win people over. I recently installed Vista on my laptop which has an integrated Intel 915GM video card and I had to use the non-Aero theme. It wasn’t that bad except for how thick the borders were. I felt like it was a waste of space. In the end I stopped using Vista on my laptop because my normal 7-hour battery life in Windows XP dropped down to less than 3-hours when I used Vista. This is currently a known issue and hopefully it will get resolved.