Object Desktop

I have been wondering what was happening with WindowBlinds and Object Desktop with the consumer release of Vista just a few months away. There are now a lot of details available on what to expect with the new version of Object Desktop that they are currently working on. The developers, from a company called StarDock, say that they “will continue to enhance its software for Windows XP but it will also begin taking Windows Vista to the next level.

WindowBlinds 5.5 Beta should be available sometime this week for people to start testing out what the software will be like in Windows Vista. How well does it run on Vista? It sounds like it will be pretty amazing:

WindowBlinds on Vista doesn’t just run on Vista, it runs very well on Vista.  Thanks to the DWM, WindowBlinds can do per-pixel translucency very quickly and accurately. When it comes to moving actual windows around, WindowBlinds 5.5 can move windows around faster than windows skinned by Aero (i.e. it’s a noticeable difference) thanks to having spent a lot of time learning how to use the DWM.

Once Windows Vista is out generally, we’ll concentrate on extending the WindowBlinds format to support Windows Vista specific functionality like blurring and the like.

And of course leave it to Stardock to close the article with something that is going to bug me for quite awhile:

We are also working on something very very cool in partnership with Microsoft but can’t yet publicly discuss.

I can’t think of a single thing that Microsoft would actually partner with them on. Nothing seems to make sense! They do say something about how there are a lot of possibilities for them now that Windows has the 3D capabilities that are demonstrated by the Flip3D feature…so maybe some sort of 3D desktop?

News Source: WinCustomize