Just in time for you to make your own Web 2.0 logo using the tutorial we posted earlier today, Paint.NET v3.10 Beta is now available. The prior version, v3.08 was released back on June 1st, so it’s been about two months since we’ve been able to play with something new.

There are two ways you can get the new beta.  If you already have a version of Paint.NET downloaded, you can go to the Help Menu>Check for Updates and then click the options button to select that you’d like to also check for beta versions. By default, this option is not checked.

Paint options

If you don’t have a version of Paint.NET installed, you can find the download here.

There are three new features that you’ll find within this beta version.  The first is a “soften portrait” effect, the second is an “ink sketch effect” and the third is that there is now support for the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file format. Besides the new features, there’s a list of improved/changed/fixed features that you can take a look at here.

Plugin Guide

It’s always nice to see improvements and new features for a great program like Paint.NET. For some of the things that you’d like to do with Paint.NET, but aren’t a built-in option yet, there are many plugins available.  Richard Tallowin over in the forum has put together a guide on how to get the most out of Paint.NET using plugins. It’s definitely a guide you’ll want to check-out!