Picasa I was just over at the Picasa Beta homepage and noticed that they released a new version last week. Looks like they have been working on compatibility with other software like Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista:

We are testing a number of improvements to Picasa in this build:

  • Windows Vista compatibility: installation, update, and several visible fixes
  • New drivers for CD burning: improve compatibility and support dual-layer drives
  • Fixes for video upload: timeouts are handled better in IE7

So it doesn’t sound like anything too major for those people who are still running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6 installed. I used Picasa 2.5 briefly on Windows Vista a few weeks back and it was noticeably slower than it is on XP so I stopped using it since the built-in picture manager for Vista is pretty nice. You can tag images, rate them, and more…all from within the comfort of Windows Explorer. I haven’t installed this version yet but I will probably give it a shot tomorrow.

Download Picasa 2.6 Beta (Build 35.65)