uTorrent For around 2-weeks I have been watching the µTorrent forum because they were recently acquired by BitTorrent. I have been a uTorrent user for quite some time but news of the acquisition left me a little disappointed. I began wondering whether the two programs were going to stay independent of each other or if they would slowly start to merge the two applications together in hopes that people wouldn’t have a problem accepting it.

Reading through the posts in the forum makes me believe that µTorrent will be losing some faithful users because of the acquisition though. This conclusion is from posts like these:

Back to BitComet for me!

Time to switch back to BitComet. This sucks. :-(

This could be bad.
If it does get bad, it’s back to “no decent Bittorrent client in existence” for me.

Sucks for all the people who were helping this community.  (webUI, forums, GUI themes, etc.)

One user even went on saying that there is a solution to the problem, and that is to disable the program from automatically updating which will keep µTorrent from getting a bloated update later on down the road. Other’s recommend that you should backup the program files for µTorrent and also the profile folder that is associated with it.

As for me I am just going to wait it out. I think BitTorrent would be stupid to step in and make µTorrent a bloated Torrent client because there are already plenty of those. The people who use it, such as myself, love it so much because it is really small and no installation is even needed to use it. As of right now I guess this is the only information that we have as far as what will happen:

Q: How will uTorrent’s technology be integrated with the current BitTorrent client?
A: Although uTorrent is lightweight, it is missing the patented innovations BitTorrent has made at the protocol level. It is also lacking an implementation for Mac and Linux. We will improve uTorrent in these arenas.

I just don’t like how it sounds when they say µTorrent is missing things that BitTorrent already takes advantage of. For me that is just a nice way of them saying they are going to make the application more bloated.


–The Poll–

So now I want to use this as a way to lead into our new poll. In the sidebar you’ll see 12 different BitTorrent clients that you can choose from. Pick the one that you use the most and over the next few days we’ll see which client tech enthusiasts think is the best!