TechsavvychildrenThere’s no doubt that times are changing.  Technology is becoming a way of life, and because of it, children are exposed to it at a much younger age. And because children are getting exposed to it so young, they’re entering into the Tech Savvy Club much sooner than most of us have.

NPD, a research firm found that the average age of children using electronic devices has been lowered.  No surprise here. In 2005 the age was 8.1, and now in 2007 it has been lowered to 6.7.  In other words, six year old children are walking around with iPods, playing video games, and regularly using other technology devices.

NPD Analyst Anita Frazier says, “Kids are drawn to the latest and greatest digital just as their parents are.  They appear to have no fear of technology and adopt it easily and without fanfare, making these devices a part of their everyday lives.”

I couldn’t agree more! I love that kids have no fear of technology unlike many of the Baby Boomers I know who have no desire to embrace technology and adopt to it. They’re excited to use it, and they’re excited to learn about it.

For the study, they surveyed adults at least 25 years of age who had children in the ages ranging between 4 and 14. One explanation for the increase is that technology devices are everywhere and readily available. Another practical explanation is that the parents of these children were part of the first real generation of tech savvy individuals.

New Poll: At What Age were you Tech Savvy?

So with that, here’s our new poll: At what age were you tech savvy? This may depend on how you define tech savvy. Savvy defined is a practical understanding of something. I tend to think of a Tech Savvy individual as someone who understands, and is comfortable with multiple devices.

With that definition, I was Tech Savvy at around 18. At that point I had a Nokia cell phone, used a Compaq laptop regularly for school, and owned my first Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC. The iPod came several years later.

The answer to this question will likely depend largely on your generation. Someone born in the 40’s will have a much different answer than someone born in the 90’s.

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Source: Ars Technica