Back in college, I remember interviewing at Best Buy for a sales associate position and being asked to demonstrate how I would sell a customer one of their extended warranties. At stores like Best Buy, those extended warranties bring in big bucks and so they rely on their sales associates to persuade customers that they are a great deal.

Recently we saw an article over at Webware mentioning a new extended warranty program called GreenUmbrella. It works differently than an extended warranty that you’d buy at a store like Best Buy or Circuit City in that you purchase one plan which then covers multiple products for three years (TVs, computers, DVD players, cameras, etc.). It’s an interesting concept worth checking out.

This leads us to our next poll:

Do You Purchase Extended Warranties?

Whether it be something like Green Umbrella or the extended warranties offered by retailers like Best Buy or Circuit City, do you find value in them?

This is a simple yes, no, or sometimes poll. Either vote below if you have Flash enabled, or vote in the sidebar to the right.

Previous Poll Wrap-up:

In our last poll, we asked you which office suite you used if any. As it turns out, Microsoft Office is the choice of 59% of voters followed by with 28% of the votes and Google Docs with 5%. Microsoft must be doing something right!

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