More and more these days, there’s a push to “go green” and part of that effort is reducing the amount of paper that we consume. Many companies over the last several years have been trying to go paperless wherever possible. One such example is cell phone companies who offer their subscribers the option to sign-up for paperless billing. If they choose to sign-up, some offer something like a one-time $5 dollar credit because in the end they save money. Other examples include banks who no longer send you a copy of your checks, or monthly statements, instead you can access all of that information on their online websites. Often time credit card companies allow you to opt-out of receiving a paper bill as well and allow you to view your activity online.

When we talk about paperless services, I can’t help but think of that YouTube video of someone flipping through their 300+ page iPhone bill from AT&T. It was shortly after that video was posted that AT&T decided to push their paperless program.

With so many opportunities to opt-in to paperless billing and statements, we are curious how many people actually take advantage it, hence our new poll.

New Poll

Do You Take Advantage of Paperless Services (e.g., bills and statements)?

  • Yes, whenever possible
  • Yes, but only with certain things
  • No

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Previous Poll Wrap-up

In our last poll, we asked you what type of security protection you use on your wireless router. Here’s what we found:

  • 31% of you use WPA2
  • 26% of you use WEP
  • 23% of you use WPA
  • 9% of you don’t have a wireless router
  • 5% of you don’t use security
  • 4% of you said “other” including mac filtering
  • 2% of you just aren’t quite sure what you’re using

wireless security poll recap.png