Ever since laser mice became popular, the need to use a mouse pad went out the door. Or did it? Back in August, CyberNet Forum Member xpgeek asked whether people used a mouse pad, and if so, what kind. While the majority of us probably do own a laser mouse or have a laptop instead and therefore don’t absolutely need a mouse pad, some still use one.  Whether it’s for the sake of comfort, or maybe even for the precise control (for gamers) that it can offer while using a mouse, a mouse pad still serves a purpose other than construction materials for a couch.

mouse pad couch 2

So today we’re introducing our new poll, do you use a mouse pad? It’s just a simple yes or no answer, and we’ll also throw in the option of “sometimes” for those of you who may only use one for when you’re playing games or other situations. You can either vote in the sidebar, or vote below!