Like Google, Yahoo wants to offer inline search suggestions to you while you’re performing a search. “Google Suggest” as it’s called, was introduced as a lab project while Yahoo’s new addition is called “Search Suggest.” The idea behind both is that your searching experience will be faster and you’ll find what you’re looking for quicker with the help of their suggestions.

By default, Yahoo’s Search Suggest will be enabled. A second or two after you start typing your query, Yahoo will display suggestions. If by chance you don’t like it, you can disable it by clicking “more” and then clicking “disable search suggestions.”

Yahoo search suggest

Google Blogoscoped has a nice comparison of what Google returns versus what Yahoo returns. You’d think that the suggestions would be similar, however some of them are actually quite different. By typing “paris,” you get the obvious first suggestion of “paris hilton” from both Google and Yahoo, but the additional results from Google tend to be more relevant while the Yahoo suggestions weren’t. Yahoo’s suggestions always take a bit longer to start appearing as well.

New Poll

Now that both Google and Yahoo offer search suggestions, do/will you use them? Usually if I’m performing a search, I know exactly what I’m wanting to search for, so the suggestions are useless. I remember trying out Google’s Suggest feature when it first launched, and I must admit, I’m not a fan.

So with that, Do you use inline search suggestions?

  • Yes, I Use Google’s.
  • Yes, I will use Yahoo’s.
  • No, they are useless to me!

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