Calling all Firefox users! If you’re a Firefox user, we are wondering if you stick with the default theme or if you venture out and find a custom theme. There are hundreds of themes out there that appeal to users for various reasons whether it be the colors or something else. Despite this, many people still stick to the plain’ ole Firefox theme which we should add, isn’t all that bad for those who like to keep things simple.

New Poll: Do you use the default Firefox theme?

  • Yes, I use the default Firefox theme
  • No, I use a custom Firefox theme
  • I don’t use Firefox

Cast your vote below if you have Flash enabled or vote in the sidebar to the right.

Previous Poll Wrap-Up

We had a great response for our previous poll where we asked how much your monthly cell-phone cost you. It looks like many of you try to keep your cell-phone costs to a minimum with 37% of you saying that your bill is under $50 each month. Next was 29% of you who said your bill ranged between $51-$100 per month. A good amount of you, 13% said you didn’t even have to worry about a cell phone bill!

cell phone bill poll results.png