It’s definitely about time that we post a new poll. For our last poll, we asked you to tell us about your monitor(s). A monitor is one of those essential things that we as computer users couldn’t live without. We’ll get into the results of what kinds of monitors you guys are using, but first we’ll introduce our new poll.

With the Windows 7 Beta currently available for download, we thought we’d ask you whether or not you’ve downloaded it. Windows 7 is essentially Microsoft’s second shot at getting Vista right with performance improvements and new features. The beta has been available, unofficially since late December (08′) and officially since January (09′).

Before you vote, if you want to get your hands on the beta, remember to do it before February 10th. That’s when Microsoft will no longer make it available to the public.

Download Here

New Poll: Have you downloaded the Windows 7 Beta?


  • Yes, I’ve downloaded it but haven’t installed it
  • Yes, I’ve downloaded and installed it
  • No, I haven’t downloaded it yet, but need to
  • No I don’t intend to download it

You may vote below if you have Flash enabled, or vote in the side-bar to your right.

Previous Poll Wrap-Up

In our previous poll where we asked you to tell us about your monitor, we found that:

  • The majority of you use an LCD Monitor
  • Most of you use only 1 monitor (compared to a dual monitor set-up)
  • The majority of you are using a monitor that’s 19 or 20 inches in size

Monitor Poll Results.png