It’s time for a new poll! Last time we were wondering how clean your desktop was, so we asked: “How many icons and files are on your desktop?” Here are the results:

  1. 33% said: Under 20 – Things are thrown there until I get around to them.
  2. 25% said: Under 5 – Only the things I use the most.
  3. 18% said: A lot! My desktop is a dumping ground.
  4. 14% said: Nothing touches my desktop.
  5. 10% said: I like having the Recycle Bin.

It looks like those who have nothing, or nothing but the Recycle Bin are in the minority here with just 24% of the votes combined.

New Poll: How Big is your USB Drive

A few days ago, Ryan pointed out five extremely expensive computer accessories with one of them being a 64GB USB Drive priced at $4,749.99. Yes, 64 gigs of space for one low price. :) Most of us don’t have that kind of money to spend on a USB Drive, nor do we need that much storage to carry around on a key chain! So now we’re wondering, how big is your USB Drive? If you don’t have one, you can let us know that too.

64 GB USB Hard Drive

  • 64 MB or less
  • 256 MB or less
  • 1GB or less
  • 2GB or less
  • Over 2GB
  • I don’t own a USB Drive

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