It’s been almost a week since the Summer Olympics in Beijing wrapped-up. This year more than ever, the Internet made a difference in how people kept-up with the games. In two years the Olympics will be back, in Vancouver, and it’ll definitely be interesting to see once again, the role that the Internet will play and how things will have changed between now and then.

For this weeks poll we’re taking a look at how you watched the Olympic games this year. Did the Internet play as large of a roll as we expect that it did?

New Poll: How did you watch the Olympics?

  • Traditional TV
  • Online streaming television
  • YouTube
  • BitTorrent Downloads
  • I didn’t watch the Olympics
  • Other

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Previous Poll Wrap-Up

In our previous poll, we asked, “when traveling, does taking digital photos keep you from buying souvenirs?”

The results? It looks like digital cameras save some of you some money! 50% of voters said that they buy less because their souvenirs are in the form of digital photos while 46% of you said no, you tended to buy just as many souvenirs as you always have.

poll wrap up.png