vcr recording Almost gone are the days of scheduling your VCR to record your favorite shows on video tape, and in are the days of using DVR’s or DVD Recorders, the more convenient, efficient way to record shows. As other methods become more and more popular, we were wondering how many people still use VCRs to record shows, and how many have moved on to other methods for recording TV. Before we get into a poll, lets take a look at some of the benefits of using a DVR, DVD Recorder, or even a VCR.

Benefits of a DVR Recorder (digital video recorder):

  • Take control of your TV – pause and rewind it if necessary
  • All of your recorded content is contained inside the unit
  • Save money by not having to purchase VHS tapes

Benefits of a DVD Recorder

  • If you use a re-writable disc, you can use the disc multiple times
  • Great quality!
  • DVDs are fairly cheap these days

Benefits of a VCR Recorder – it may be hard to notice the benefits of a VCR, but they’re there!

  • You can rewind VHS tapes and reuse them which means you can use the tapes over and over again
  • They’ve been around for so long which means they probably won’t disappear for good
  • Ease of use – because it has been around for a while, most people already know how to use a VCR to record

So with that, we’ll go ahead and get our new poll started.

How do you record your TV shows?

  1. I use a DVR (TiVo, Computer, etc.)
  2. DVD Recorder
  3. VCR
  4. I don’t record TV Shows
  5. Other

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