The government of India just announced plans of offering all citizens free high-speed broadband Internet by 2009– just two years away, with speeds around 2 Mb/s.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

This got me thinking about how much I’d be willing to pay for Broadband Internet.  If your country one day decided to offer everybody free broadband Internet at the “lowest” of high speeds, but you could pay for faster speeds, would it be worth it to pay for the even “higher” high speed Internet?

This leads us to our next poll: How fast is your Internet Connection? Right now I get 7 Mb/s download and around 512 kb/s upload for a price of $45 per month. 

Internet Speeds has a list of the top 5 countries, continents, and ISPs for Internet Speeds.  If you’re not sure what your speeds are, it’s a great place to find out.

The top countries for Internet speeds are:

  • Japan – 9,290 kb/s download and 3,445 kb/s upload
  • Sweden – 6,951 kb/s download and 2,454 kb/s upload
  • Latvia – 6,001 kb/s download and 2,297 kb/s upload

The top two continents are:

  • North America with the average download speed of 4,204 kb/s
  • Australia with the average download speed of 3,305 kb/s

It looks like Japan is definitely the place to be for some of the best speeds on average.

So, how fast is your connection? You can vote in the left sidebar.