Many of you probably remember the days before email was around, but can you imagine life without it now? We’ve gotten so used to the instant communication, that it would be difficult to revert back. For many, email is their primary communication method and they receive many emails in a day’s time.

New Poll: How Many Emails Do You Receive Each Day (not including spam)?

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  • 6-25
  • 26-50
  • 51-100
  • 101-250
  • 251+

Remember, we’re asking for the number of non-spam emails you receive each day. You can either cast your vote below if you have Flash enabled, or you can vote in the sidebar.

Previous Poll Wrap-up

It looks like the iPhone 3G is still overrated, according to our last poll where we asked what you thought it.

28% of you said it was still overrated while 21% of you said you’d way to buy until after it launches and the hype has settled-down. Coming in third was 18% of you who said you didn’t like the carrier so you wouldn’t be getting one. Only 12% of you said you’d be standing in line on July 11th when the iPhone 3G is set to launch.

iPhone 3G Poll Results.png