Today in the news I saw an article that caught my attention. The title read “Family gets $20,000 cell phone bill.” I thought to myself, how on earth could someone possibly rack up a $20,000 phone bill, but then once I saw the video that explained it, it was easy to understand. We’re dealing with cell phone companies here who don’t always have a great reputation when it comes to advertising plans and billing correctly, which explains a lot.

Here’s what happened, a man received his cell phone bill and said he almost fell over when he saw that he owed AT&T $19,370. He called customer service at AT&T only to have them tell him that it wasn’t a mistake, it was because of international usage, and he was to pay the bill. What happened was that his son took a laptop with him on a business trip up to Vancouver, British Columbia. With the laptop he brought an air card which gives users unlimited Internet usage at any time in any place.

Most of the charges were from international roaming rates, but the problem is that he was charged for roaming in the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario. He wasn’t even close to those Provinces! The man ended up calling a news station who picked it up and decided to call AT&T. Thankfully AT&T responded to them and reduced the bill down to nothing. While this is great for the man and his family, he wonders why AT&T never informed him when the bill got to the point of concern.

This leads us to our next poll. How much is your monthly cell phone bill? This could get a little tricky because people have multiple phones in their households, but that’s fine. Just let us know the dollar amount you spend on your cell phone bill each month whether it be for one phone or five phones.

New Poll: How much is your monthly cell phone bill?

  • $0-$50
  • $51-$100
  • $101-$150
  • $151-$200
  • $201-$300
  • $301-$400
  • $401-$500
  • $500+
  • I don’t have a cell phone bill

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