Instant Messengers Today I was browsing some of the top downloads over at, and I noticed something really interesting. The number 4 most downloaded application is an instant messenger that has spent a whopping 268 weeks (5+ years) on their Top 50 Most Downloaded chart. With 326,000 downloads last week alone, and 155 million downloads overall I expected it to be Windows Live Messenger or AIM, but it wasn’t.

Get this, there are three instant messenger applications in the top 50 most downloaded: Windows Live Messenger at number 38, Trillian at number 39, and at number 4…ICQ! I haven’t used that program in like 10 years, and all I really remember was the nightmare of remembering your ID number to share with your friends. I don’t even know anyone that still uses ICQ.

I’m sure it is popular in other parts of the world, but that left me wondering what service(s) you talk to your friends on. We’re not asking which application you use because many of you probably have friends on multiple networks. So this time around here are your options in our poll:

The poll is setup so that you can select multiple choices, and I’m really interested to see what our readers’ choice is for messengers. Feel free to vote in the sidebar on the site, or if you have Flash enabled you can vote right here: