A couple of weeks ago we started a poll asking which Office Suite you used. When the results came in, we found that about 59% of the voters, the majority, used Microsoft Office. In the comments, “mrcool10″ wrote that we should have had two options, “MS Office Legit and MS Office Pirated.” We thought this would make a rather interesting new poll even though unfortunately, it does leave out some of you who don’t use Microsoft Office at all. Please vote only if you use Microsoft Office for your personal use.

New Poll: Is Your Copy of Microsoft Office (for personal use) Legitimate?

  • Yes, I paid for a genuine copy of Microsoft Office
  • No, the version of Microsoft Office I use is pirated
  • Mixed, I own multiple copies, some are genuine, others aren’t

Cast your vote below if you have Flash enabled or vote in the sidebar.

Previous Poll Wrap-up:

For our previous poll, we asked whether or not you purchased extended warranties. Overwhelmingly, we found that most of you do not. 64% said no, 29% said sometimes, and only 6% said yes. Responding to the “other” option, one person simply said “Rip off!!!!!” while another said that they favored products that have free extended warranties.

poll wrapup.png