This was undoubtedly long overdue. I have been looking for a good poll system that I can embed in posts, in the sidebar, and just about anywhere else that I want to put them. I tried sites like Zoho Polls and Vizu but neither seemed to work quite the way that I wanted. I like the way Zoho’s operates but it didn’t fit in the sidebar very well and I tried Vizu’s live on the site today but it just didn’t feel right.

There wasn’t many other options that looked feasible so I just decided to use a plug-in that is designed to handle the polls ourselves. It’s extremely nice and uses AJAX so that you can vote and view the results without ever having to leave the page.

I can also embed the polls into the posts which makes this even more of a hit for me. I’ll be updating them around every week (maybe more) and the primary poll will be able to be found in the sidebar to the right. If you happen to miss out on one just head on over to the Polls Archive page that will keep you up to speed.

Alright, it’s time for the first poll. I tried to make this one a little funny and for being up less than 1-hour it already has 72 votes. Out of the people who have already voted 70/72 people have decided on the same option…can you guess which one?