If you find yourself sitting in front of the computer for hours on end during a days time, a nice LCD monitor can really make a difference. Compared to conventional CRT monitors, flat screens are sharper, and thus a little easier on the eyes. Over the last several years, the prices have come down as well which means it doesn’t take long to save up for one.

A few weeks ago at work I was asked to order several LCD monitors to replace old CRT monitors. It was when I went to remove the old monitors that I was reminded of yet another benefit of the LCD monitors — size! CRT’s are simply heavy, and take up valuable space on a desk. I had several people tell me how nice it was to have so much more desk space available to them.

Because LCD’s take up less space, more people and businesses are inclined to set-up multiple monitors for one computer. When Ryan and I worked from home, we both had a multiple monitor set-up, just because it was nice to have the extra screen space.

New Poll: Tell Us About Your Monitor(s)

Today we want you to tell us about your monitor(s), and we’ll be polling you about three different things. They are:

  1. Is your monitor an LCD or an old CRT?
  2. What size is your monitor?
  3. How many monitors do you have per computer?

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Previous Poll Wrap-Up

It looks like Google has some work ahead of them if they want people to use Google Chrome as their primary browser. In our last poll we asked what you thought of Google Chrome. According to our poll, 45% of you like Google’s first attempt at a browser, but haven’t made Google Chrome your primary browser. Another good chunk, 20% of you, haven’t even tried it!

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