Working in a school, a private school for that matter, I’ve come to realize that there are always going to be fundraisers. Schools need money, and fundraisers help them with this. I’m sure if you have kids, you dread when those fundraisers start because it usually means you’ll end up buying way too many candy bars, or oodles of wrapping paper, just so your child sells something. Or, you butter-up to your co-workers and hope they’ll help you out, but then of course, you’ll be expected to return the favor come the time their child is selling popcorn or Girl Scout cookies.

Anyhow, what does fundraising have to do with printer brands? At my school, one of the fundraisers they run is a printer cartridge collection. A company called Funding Factory gives the school money for certain qualifying cartridges (and cell phones). At the end of the school year, we sort through all of the cartridges, ship them off, and then receive money. The great thing about this is that it’s a no hassle way for parents to contribute. The bad? I’m the lucky one who gets to sort through all of the used cartridges to find the ones on the qualifying list. This is tedious, and a little messy, as you can imagine.

This past week I finally decided to sort through the collection, and from it, was able to see what I believe to be trends in printer brands. This leads us to our new poll:

New Poll: What brand of printer is “the best”?

What brand of printer is “the best”? Have you found a certain brand to be better than others over the years? Our personal preference is HP, and if the small sampling of cartridges my school collected means anything, it looks as though HP is the preferred brand as well.

Based upon the cartridges collected, let’s see if your preference matches what I found:

  • #1 – HP
  • #2 – Lexmark
  • #3 – Epson
  • #4 – Canon
  • #5 – Dell

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