Now that Google Chrome has been available for about two months, we thought we’d take the opportunity to poll CyberNet readers to see what they think of it. For those who may not yet know what Google Chrome is all about, it’s Google’s free web browser that launched into beta in early September. We originally asked what you thought of it a day after it launched and got mixed opinions. Now that you’ve had some more time to get yourselves familiar with it, we thought we’d revisit the question in the form of a poll.

New Poll – What do you think of Google Chrome?

  • I haven’t tried it
  • I like it but decided not to make it my primary browser
  • I love it and made it my primary browser
  • I’m undecided and need more time to determine if I will use it
  • I tried it but don’t like it

Previous Poll Wrap-Up

In our previous poll, we asked, “Do you use the default Firefox Theme?” The clear choice among the majority of CyberNet readers (58%) is the default Firefox theme. About 38% of you said that you used a custom Firefox theme while 8% of you (yes, just 8%), said you weren’t even using Firefox.

poll wrapup.png