With the iPhone 3G announced and set to be released on July 11th, we decided to start a new poll asking you what you think of it. Last year about this time there were many people saying they were going to wait until the 2nd generation came out in hopes of it having 3G and GPS. Well, the 2nd generation is here and it’s got what people were asking for, so is the iPhone 3G more enticing this time around and worth buying, especially now that the price has dropped?

New Poll: What do you think of the new iPhone 3G?

  • I’ll be standing in line on July 11th
  • Looks nice, but not for me
  • Still overrated
  • I don’t like the carrier (e.g., AT&T) so I won’t be getting one
  • I’ll wait to buy until after it launches and the hype has settled-down
  • Other

You can either cast your vote below if you have Flash enabled, or you can vote in the sidebar.

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