CellphoneAccording to a recent article from the Associated Press, more than 25% of young adults use only a cell phone for voice communication. The ever increasing trend is that cell phones are in, and landline phones are out because people don’t see it necessary to have both.

Young adults are one of the biggest factors in the move away from landline phones according to a recent federal survey. From ages 18–30, about 25% of the people have only cell phones.  As people get older, the percentage decreases, all the way down to 2% of those 65 and older having a cell phone only.

The article pointed out the problems with this trend, namely the problem that 911 emergency services and facing, and the government and private polling that is completed via landline telephones. Those with no landline are then “missing out.”

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This topic leads us to our next poll: What do you use for voice communication?

  • Landline only
  • Cell phone only
  • VoIP
  • Landline and Cell phone
  • VoIP and Cell phone

I ditched my landline phone four years ago and use only a cell phone. With unlimited long distance and nights and weekends free with my cell phone, I have no reason to need a landline. My parents always ask how I can go without, but I’ve never had a situation where I’ve needed a landline phone.  I’m sure if you only have a cell phone , you’ve had similar conversations with those who insist that a landline phone is a necessity.

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