Ryan and I got to talking about traveling recently and how we snap hundreds of pictures when we take trips thanks to digital cameras. Back when we used a 35mm camera, very few photos were taken simply because it was limiting, and sometimes a hassle to get them developed. Somehow or another we realized that we tend to buy less souvenirs when we travel now and instead just rely on all of the photos we we take for memories of our vacations.

New Poll:

When traveling, does taking digital photos keep you from buying souvenirs?

  • Yes, I buy less because my souvenirs are in the form of digital photos
  • No, I tend to buy just as many souvenirs as I always have
  • Other

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Previous Poll Wrap-up:

For our previous poll, we asked you, “Is your copy of Microsoft Office (for personal use) Legitimate?” What we found was interesting, to say the least. The difference between “Yes, I paid for a genuine copy” and “No, the version I use is pirated” was just three votes. 43% of you said you paid for Office while 42% of you said the version you had was pirated. A rather small 15% said that for them, it was mixed. They own multiple copies and some are genuine while others aren’t.

genuine office poll wrapup.png