Chart So I have decided to start up a new poll and end the voting on “What BitTorrent client do you use?” The poll received more than 980 votes and here are the top 5 from that poll:

  1. uTorrent (60%)
  2. Azureus (20%)
  3. BitComet (7%)
  4. LimeWire (4%)
  5. BitTorrent (4%)

Those 5 BitTorrent clients made up 95% of the voting so I would deem those to be the most popular.

For the new poll we’re asking what Google service you think needs to be updated more frequently. Does it need Gmail, Google Talk, Blogger, or one of the others that I have in the list? Of course I also threw in the option for them to focus on integrating their services rather than adding new features. Cast your vote in the sidebar right now!