PollOur next poll is up, and we’re wondering, who do you think will be next to cash in on the the Web 2.0 Jackpot?  We’ve already seen some huge pay-outs already, and Google acquiring YouTube definitely tops that list. There’s another jackpot brewing, so who do you think will be next to cash out?

  • Facebook – They’ve already turned down a 1.6 billion offer from Yahoo! Perhaps they have no intention of selling out, or maybe they’re just waiting until the time is right.
  • Photobucket – It’s one of the world’s largest Photo sites and has a good chunk of the market.
  • Second Life (Linden Research Inc.)– The 3D online digital world with over 4 million “residents.” It’s built and owned by the residents and has people all over the world hooked.
  • Digg – The technology focused news site where stores are “Dugg’ by community members.
  • Meebo – They’re the popular in-browser messaging program that supports all of the popular messengers and makes it easy to access all of your messengers no matter what computer you’re on.
  • Metacafe – “Serving the World’s Best Videos” – where people can earn money for submitting videos that receive lots of page views.

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