It’s time for a new poll! With our last poll we were wondering who you thought would be next to cash in on the big Web 2.0 jackpot, because we all know at some point there will be another big pay-out. 35% of you said Facebook, and next on the list was Digg with 24% of the votes. In third was Second Life with 11% of the votes.


This week we are wondering how much of your email storage do you use? With Gmail expected to keep their storage counter running for another 5 years, users at that point will then have 3.4GB of storage at their disposal. Is this necessary? Do you need that additional storage?

When Gmail was first launched in April of 2004, the original press release said, “Gmail is built on the idea that users should never have to file or delete a message, or struggle to find an email they’ve sent or received.” With nearly every major webmail provider offering at least 1 GB of free storage, there’s most certainly a lot of extra storage space floating around out there, just waiting to be used.

So, how much storage space do you use?

  • 0–10 MB
  • 11–50 MB
  • 51–200 MB
  • 201–500 MB
  • 501–1000 MB
  • 1001–1500 MB
  • 1501–2000 MB
  • 2001+ MB

I’m currently using 89 MB, or 3% of the 2,828 MB of storage that I have with Gmail. As always, you can vote and view the results in the left side-bar!