PortableApps Launcher PortableApps.com just launched an awesome new suite. It has all of your favorite applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice in one convenient download that can be stored right on your flash drive. Not only does it include all of the best programs but it also has the cool new launcher that is pictured to the right.

Here is everything that is included with the suite:

That is a long list of updated releases. There are a two different versions of the suite available: the standard edition will run fine from a 512MB drive while the Lite edition has no problems on a 256MB drive. One thing that I always seem to experience when using some of the larger applications, like OpenOffice, are slow startup times. It is mostly because my USB drive isn’t very fast so I typically just use the smaller programs. Firefox Portable is the primary one that I carry with me because it is nice being able to take my Firefox profile wherever I go.