Optimus Upravlator

Optimus is preparing to announce a completely new input device called Upravlator next week and the image above is supposed to be a life-size mock-up. Yep, it is a teaser that they provided because you can’t really tell what it is going to be. Here is the information that they give on their blog:

It will be plugged into your second monitor port. It will be as fast as LCD display may be. It will be a single best friend of any music engineer or video editor. Graphic designers should be happy as well.

It essentially looks like the Mini-Three that they released a few months ago but in some sort of case or stand. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Optimus Key As far as the full Optimus Keyboard goes they plan on accepting pre-orders around December of 2006 but it will not ship until after the Spring of 2007. As exciting as it will be to see the full keyboard get released I can’t even imagine how much it will cost. The Mini-Three costs $160 to order and that only has three buttons! I think for that price I’d rather get another monitor to show me notifications. :D

The image to the right is a prototype key that will be used for the Optimus Keyboard. It is cool that the keys are still removable because if something happens to one of them then you’ll just need to buy a standard key…there is no more making sure you get the right letter!

Thanks to Koromar for the tip!