Our Recommended Tags plugin for WordPress 2.3 has only been out a few days, but we just released a pretty big update thanks to some of the feedback we’ve received via email. This plugin works off of the new WordPress 2.3 tagging system, and having spent several hours putting this together I have to give the WordPress development team major props. They did an amazing job putting together an intuitive backend to the tagging system which has made the development of this plugin a thousand times easier.

So what’s new in Recommended Tags? Check it out:

  • New configuration screen makes it easy to manage nearly every aspect of the plugin!
  • Type-ahead tag completion matches what you’re typing to your existing list of tags. I even made it show the number of times a tag has been used in parenthesis after the tag name.
  • and more…

Of course words can’t explain everything, so I’ve snapped two screenshots that show what Recommended Tags is capable of (left: configuration screen, right: using the plugin):

Recommended Tags Options Recommended Tags Used

So what’s next? I think everything I personally want to see in the Recommended Tags plugin is done, but I would love to hear your opinion. I eventually plan on writing a new plugin for managing your tags in a central location, because WordPress 2.3 has no way to add/remove tags like it does for categories. I would love some feedback though.

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