rss bandit google sync-1.jpgIt’s been a long time coming, but it looks as though we might have our first full-fledged desktop feed reader that supports synchronization with Google Reader. The RSS Bandit blog announced over the weekend that they have released version 1.7 Alpha that is capable of downloading podcasts as well as synchronizing feeds with Google Reader.

The reason why something like this is nice is that it lets you have a functional desktop feed reader when you’re at your computer, but then you can always access your feeds online when you’re on-the-go. Google Reader’s mobile interface is especially nice, which is the main reason that I’m excited to see the open source RSS Bandit application support it.

Once you follow the few steps in the RSS Bandit synchronization wizard you’ll be able to access your feeds from anywhere. This includes any feeds you unsubscribe/subscribe to, renaming feeds, marking feed items as read, and you can even share items just like you can from Google Reader’s online interface. Pretty nice, huh?

Now if only RSS Bandit was cross-platform. ;)

Get RSS Bandit 1.7 Alpha [via Digital Inspiration]