I thought I would give the non-registered users a heads up about our new Spam filter that is used if you are commenting here at CyberNet.

If you are submitting a comment you will now need to do some simple math before your comment can be posted. I have a spam filter (called Akismet) that catches almost every spam comment but there are two reasons I’ve added this new feature:

  1. Every now and then a spam comment will get through the filter, so this will help make sure that a human is the one posting the comment.
  2. The main reason, however, that I am doing this is because the spam filter stops comments from posting but it will still store them in the database until I delete them. I currently receive between 500 and 1,000 spam comments each day which adds a lot of extra load to the database, not to mention that I normally scroll through them all to make sure no real comments are getting filtered incorrectly. This new system will prevent the comment from being written to the database until they have entered the correct answer.

If you are worried about the math I made sure that you won’t see any numbers great than 10. That way you should still be able to figure out the answer using your fingers and toes… :D

Registered users will not have to worry about this new feature so you can continue to comment as normal.