Street Atlas USA 2007 I have been using Delorme’s Street Atlas for years now with my GPS unit and my laptop. It always works really nice and the number of GPS features that it has is really amazing. It popped into my head today that they should be updating their software soon because a new version is released just about every August. Sure enough they didn’t let me down because Street Atlas 2007 is now out.

I bought the 2006 version last year after I found Streets & Trips to lack the GPS capabilities that I had wanted. I really like the software but I don’t know if I am convinced enough to upgrade my version. It does have 133,000 new streets but I am sure the ones missing for my town aren’t updated. I just wish they would steal acquire Google’s map database…or Google could come out with their own mapping software that didn’t require an Internet connection to use it.

The only other feature that I want is something I have never seen in a pc-based GPS system. That is the ability to snap your position to the closest road. My GPS unit isn’t the most detailed equipment and often times I find myself located in the middle of a farm field. Several cars that I have been in that have an integrated GPS unit will snap the position to the closest road but why doesn’t any computer software do that?

So I’m curious what mapping software you use, if any, so that I can decide whether to upgrade to the newest version of Street Atlas or try something else. Street Atlas costs $40 for the regular version and that seems like a reasonable amount. Any suggestions?