new tab king.jpg

I still feel like I’m in search of the perfect page that is displayed when I open up a new tab in my browser. I used to be one of those people who always used a blank page for performance reasons, but when I started using Opera more I really started to like having the Speed Dial sites at my fingertip. Then other browsers like Google Chrome, Safari 4, and even IE8 started to catch on by trying to make the new tab page a little more useful.

Even though Firefox doesn’t ship with a feature like this it has a leg up on the competition because people can install extensions. Users can try out various alternatives until they find the one that works the best for them, and New Tab King is one of those extensions that’s definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the things it includes:

  • Access to most visited websites
  • See your bookmarks
  • See your recently closed tabs
  • Instant Google search box

It’s not the most graphical solution out there, but I know not everyone is a huge fan of pretty images. They’d rather just stick to a more text-based layout. If that sounds like you then New Tab King might be perfect. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

New Tab King [via FirefoxFacts]