Tab Mix Plus

For awhile I stopped using the Tab Mix Plus Firefox extension because I didn’t like the session restore feature that it had and there was a significant memory leak. It was always unfortunate because once the extension was installed it wouldn’t let me use the session restore feature that was built-into Firefox 2. That’s a thing of the past with the newest version that was just released a few days ago. 

The session restore in Firefox 2 will actually bring back all of the Web pages from the cached versions when the browser gets restarted and that includes any forms you were in the process of filling out. So if you were typing an email to someone and the browser crashed, it would automatically retrieve the content when the tabs are restored in the browser. Other session restore extensions don’t do this and will instead re-open all of the tabs (which is what Tab Mix Plus used to do). Not only does that method take longer to load but it also erases all of the form data that you had filled in.

I am happy to say that Tab Mix Plus now offers an option to use the built-in session restore feature that Firefox 2 already offers. They even go as far as to let you change some of the advanced settings that you wouldn’t have touched otherwise. I’m hoping that this will also keep the memory usage at a minimum because that is very important to me. I’ll cross my fingers but it is looking good for the last hour that I have been using it.