Taskbar Shuffle 2.1The newest version of Taskbar Shuffle not only lets you rearrange items in your Windows Taskbar, but it also works for the System Tray! Moving your Taskbar items around is as simple as click and drag, and if you want to rearrange the icons in your System Tray you’ll need to use a hotkey while dragging (the hotkey is set to Ctrl by default). I didn’t think this was that cool until I actually started doing it. :)

Oh, but wait, that’s not even the best thing about the new version. Now you don’t even have to install Taskbar Shuffle for it to work! There is still the classic installer available that will organize the program files, and create the necessary shortcuts, but now there is also a standalone version that you can get (download mirror) which requires absolutely no installation. Just download and run…gotta love that.

Other than that there are some minor fixes that came along with this release, and it’s nice to get a new version since it has been nearly a year since the last update. Go on, start rearranging your Taskbar…

Taskbar Shuffle