New Ubuntu To Be Released On Thursday

Ubuntu 6.06 is scheduled for release this Thursday, June 1. This comes just 1 month after Beta 2 was released to the public which is quite impressive (if Microsoft did that then we would have Vista by the end of June :) ). Ubuntu 6.06 has quite a few nice and new features that should be noted:

  • A new live CD installer that takes on some of the functions previously performed only by the Install CD
  • Faster system startup and login
  • Simplified menu organization
  • Graphical shutdown process
  • Easy access to power management settings with GNOME Power Manager
  • Improved support for video playback
  • Optional NetworkManager for convenient roaming between different wireless and wired networks
  • 2.0.2
  • 7.0

I am sure this release will be popular to those Ubuntu fans out there. I am sure we will see some a bunch more “how to” guides popping up all over the Web like there always is for Ubuntu.

There are screenshots available for those people who want to see what they are getting themselves into before diving into the new release.

News Source: Desktop Linux