Several of you expressed interest in FastAero the last time I wrote about it, so here is an update on the progress. A new version was just released today that has pretty much been rewritten, and boasts some performance updates which appears to help quite a bit!

XP users continue to get closer and closer to having a Vista-like transparent border around their windows that also supports blurring. FastAero still has a lot of bugs in it, especially with certain applications, but hopefully the developer will continue to squash those as future updates are released.

And I’m sure you’re probably also wondering about the FastAero window that you must keep open in order to run it…no, that hasn’t been removed yet. It would be nice if the developer just made a System Tray icon because I’m sure most users who really want the blurring effect would suffer through the bugs that FastAero has. Maybe you can use TrayDevil to put that window in the System Tray and out of the way?

Let us know in the comments how well it works for you.

Note: This software is only for Windows XP, and does not require any installation to try it out.

Fast Aero (Download Mirror for build 0600)