We saw the future of Google Talk at CES in January and now you can test it for yourself. Of course, the biggest change is the ability to have avatars but there are also some other changes. Here is a list of changes:

  1. Avatars now available for users to use.
  2. Rolling over a contacts name will show their information just like in GTalk.
  3. Add/View contact buttons.
  4. Multiple chat appearances in settings. WOO HOO — We now have themes! There are currently nine different themes to chose from so that you can dress up your chat windows a little bit.
  5. The display alerts can now be closed by clicking on the close button on them.
  6. Links in chats have no underline until you roll over them with your mouse.
  7. If you change your status while in a conversation then your new status will be displayed.

Google Talk is currently the only instant message application that I use. This update is very exciting since there has not been a major release since it was first created. However, this is not actually a release but is instead a test version. I have been using it for a little while now and it is running very smooth. Hope you enjoy it!

Also, the version number for this build is for those curious minds.

Test The New Google Talk
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New Version Of Google Talk Available To Test