At this point I believe Microsoft could release just about any Ultimate Extra and it will surpass the things that they have already done. To my surprise, however, they’ve actually released a game called Tinker that isn’t all that bad. It’s a simple puzzle game where you try to guide a robot from point A to point B by traversing through obstacles. Here’s the brief description that Microsoft provides for Tinker:

The game area consists of a square playing board. Move the robot to the red-and-white end tile. The board contains a variety of objects including moveable blocks, switches, transporters, cog wheels, and other devices.

With the robot you can:

  • Move certain objects around.
  • Use switches to turn certain devices on and off.
  • Collect cog wheels.
  • Destroy certain objects.

The robot can be trapped or destroyed if incorrect choices are made.

In order to play Microsoft Tinker you’ll have to be a Windows Vista Ultimate owner (obviously), but I’m sure as more people get wind of the new game someone will figure out a way to make it available for any version of Vista (and possibly XP). Here’s a quick demo of Tinker that I found on YouTube to help satisfy your curious little minds:

Now Microsoft, how about we get some awesome power-user tools for those of running Vista Ultimate! I’d say we deserve more after Vista being available for nearly two years.

Microsoft Tinker Help Page