Winamp 5.5 has all kinds of great new features, but one of my favorite things is the new Bento skin that it includes. It’s not only slick, but also very functional. Pieter over in our forum posted a cool Easter Egg that involves the Bento skin, and I think you’re going to like what you see.

The process of activating the Easter Egg isn’t new, but the result is different than it used to be. Here’s how you activate it:

  1. Give Winamp’s main window focus.
  2. Press the following keys: N, U, L, Escape, L, Escape, S, O, F, T.

Pressing the Escape key is necessary because the “Open File” dialog box pops up after pressing the “L” key. Here’s an alternate way to do it:

  1. Give Winamp’s main window focus.
  2. Press and hold the Shift and Control keys, then type : N, U, L, L, S, O, F, T.

In older versions of Winamp it would add “IT REALLY WHIPS THE LLAMA’S ASS!” to the title bar of the application (as seen in this screenshot), but if you’re using Winamp 5.5 with the Bento skin you’ll see something a little different. Whenever you play a song the transparency of the skin will “throb” in and out. Here’s what it looked like at one point while playing a song:

Winamp Transparent 

It can really make you go crazy after a little while, but it is cool nonetheless. The player will return to normal when you restart the program, so there is no need for you to frantically trying to disable the Easter Egg. ;)

I was also glad to see that one of my favorite Easter Egg’s still exists in the program. Pull up the Winamp Preferences and go to Input -> Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder and then press the About button at the bottom. Start clicking the little fish as fast as you can with your mouse and see how many RPM’s you can get:

Winamp Spin the Fish

You gotta love Easter Egg’s. :D