In our Object Desktop 2007 review, we mentioned that WinCustomize is a great place to get themes for the various applications that are a part of Object Desktop.  Just yesterday, they launched their WinCustomize 2007 with a completely different look.  It appears that a lot of time went into the design, making it easier for users to navigate. One of their goals was to expand functionality of the site aimed at rewarding long-time members.

One of the biggest and most obvious changes is the new design and layout.  You’ll notice glassy blacks, grays, and whites that give it an updated, more modern look. The goal of the new WinCustomize 2007 look was to make the site itself skinabble.  In he next several months, they plan to have skins added so that subscribers will  be able to choose a skin of their choice.

The front page is easier to read, and less busy so that it’s easy to focus on the content. They also tried to make it easy to browse galleries and the subcategories under each library.  To help users track where they have been, they’ve implemented a breadcrumbs system.  This allows users to see where they’re at right now, and how to get back to where they have been.

A new addition to the site is that Master Level Skinners will be able to sell their work through the WinCustomize store, and for users, they’ll be able to get a discount through the store when purchasing any Master Skins. They’ve also added WinCustomize Personal Pages.  You’ll get your own subdomain, a photo gallery to upload pictures, and a place to track some of your favorite skins from other authors, as well as your own submissions.

The new design looks great, and it’s easy on the eyes, and simple to navigate. They posted a poll asking if users like the new look, and overall, most people seem to really like it. Nice work!